Intro to Pete’s Playlist

So I thought to kick things off I’d write an intro to what I intend the music based entries on this blog to be about. Firstly, it is not a review of albums – there are hundreds of places on the net and in papers you can get good reviews, and this place wont be one of them. Also, I believe that the best way to review an album is to listen to it yourself, so that’s what I would encourage anyone to do. Finally, I’m not in the press so don’t get access to pre-releases, and I don’t want to go buying albums.

So what are these blog entries going to be about? Well, lots really. The only other thing it wont cover is live music – that’s going to be covered by Lucia, another member of The Clink. Some of my topics will be pure rants, about things that erk me, things that just plain bug the shit out of me, things that maybe annoy me on a lesser scale, but also things that I find brilliant. I will also discuss music you might not have heard, that might have fallen by the wayside, or that is just plain new.

I encourage comments and criticism – one of the beauties of music is that everyone has an opinion.


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