Fred – Good One

For my first proper post I had to write about one of my favourite bands, and even better they’re from Cork – they are Fred.

I generally find it hard to describe music, but I guess I’ll have to try if going to be writing about music. Fred are simply a fantastic band. They play upbeat rock with a fast tempo that has an infectious, winning quality that would break down the even the worst “I don’t dance” guy.

To date they have released three albums – Can’t Stop, I’m Being Timed (2002), Making Music So You Don’t Have To (2005) and Go God Go (2008). The newest single, Good One, goes on sale this Saturday (27/03/09). It’s a top quality tune, the kind you’d find yourself bopping along to without realising. I do like the way in which the middle of song breaks and the vocals go deep. It’s also not the best song on the album – that for me is The Lights, released last year. Now this is a song that has a real emotional quality to it (think Kings of Leon, Use Somebody), in the lyrics and especially the way the intro builds. Brilliant.

Go God Go

Go Buy This Go

Admittedly, I’m not a die hard, was there when they started type fan. I was introduced to these guys about a year and a half ago. But my love for them has only grown with time. I saw them play at The Button Factory back in early December (guys, if you’re reading I was the in the Munster jersey – hi), and its fair to say that the place was not packed. The tables were full and there were more standing. The closest person to the stage was about 15 feet away. But that was only at the beginning. Such is the infectious quality of their music, you can’t listen to it and remain still. You just can’t. Your foot will tap, your head will bop. With a handful of songs left, they had the whole place on the dance floor – there wasn’t a person outside of 15 feet from the stage.

They play this Saturday in Whelan’s, and I highly recommend a trip for a recession busting €16. I myself won’t be there, but the rest of The Clink will be, so watch this space for a no doubt glowing review.


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