A Trip To Trinity

So I managed to leave the house on a hangover Saturday, not early enough to do the bus tour, which I imagine to get everything in you’d need a full day. So leaving the house at 2 we decided we’d go have a look at The Book of Kells in Trinity.

I don’t know what I was expecting going to see a book, but all the more reason to pay our 9 euro and head in. They did manage to make a decent sized exhibition all about the book, which I imagine is quiet informative if you were to take the time to read all about it. However I was there for a general look, which is also well catered for with plenty of large illuminated pages. The intricate detail in some of the artwork is really quite impressive.

So after getting as much information as you can from the general exhibition, you go into a small room at the end to see the actual book. Clearly me browsing quickly through the first room lead to my confusion as to why there were two ‘Book of Kells’ on display, but apparently they split the book into the four different volumes (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) in 1953.

So after you’ve had your look at the book you have to exit the exhibition through The Long Room, which actually was a nice surprise ending to the tour. It’s a 65m long room which holds 200,000 really old books, and boy do they look old. The room is like something out of Harry Potter and I must say I was impressed, the room just oozes intelligence.

All in all I was happy out with my little visit to Trinity, a conveniently situated little tourist spot.


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