Fred – Live in Whelans

So am happy to say that my first post covering gigs is reviewing cork band Fred’s gig in Whelan’s last night, and it was a savage night (fitting to throw in a bit of Cork slang I think!). The band were on top form and the crowd were great. When I last saw the band in The Button Factory the crowd wasn’t half as big as i thought it should have been – and from last night there was a huge jump up in numbers.

I arrived in a bit late and the band had already started in to their second song of the night ‘Good One‘ (which is their next single). Whelan’s was absolutely packed! You could see the band were really enjoying themselves more with each song, and so were the crowd. They played a good lot of songs from their latest album, and a couple of oldies as well, including live favourite ‘4 Chords and the Thruth‘ – all well received, and it must be said that there was a good scattering of Cork people in the crowd 🙂

By half ten it was all over, and they finished up with an encore of ‘Skyscrapers‘, with everyone in the audience joining in. Check out the video above for a snippet from the concert – excuse the shaky camera work but I wasn’t totally sober and still a bit hungover from the night before! If you haven’t heard of Fred yet, check out their myspace. They’ve been around for years, and I think they’re finally starting to get the attention and coverage that they deserve, last night was proof!


2 responses to “Fred – Live in Whelans

  1. You posted The Lights – high 5!

  2. I think savage is general Irish slang not just Cork, on it has been uploaded by people from 12 different counties 🙂

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