Who Hates Westlife?

I came across this rant on everyone’s favourite Irish boy band. Quite funny and worth a read.


One response to “Who Hates Westlife?

  1. I used to hate boybands precisely because of their cheesy dance moves, their irritating through-the- nose , pubescent (but not angelic) voices (of at least one or two of them), and most especially their over-acting and exaggerated way of expressing emotion while rendering a song. That is, until I heard and saw Westlife . Their subtle way of emoting, their wonderful voices and harmony which are nothing short of amazing. and their simple dance moves (if warranted by the song) have all captivated me. I dont care that they do covers (actually they’ve done more original songs and even self-penned ones than covers) because they not only do justice to them but oftentimes their rendition even exceed the beauty of the original, one reason being their soaring harmonies. Even Simon Cowell is of the opinion that covers (of extraordinary songs) if beautifully rendered are way much better than uninteresting and uninspiring originals. Of course their overall good looks is a big plus for them.

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