Musebin – A Novel Approach To Album Reviews

Musebin is a website that allows users to write one line album reviews. Its a pretty handy way to get a glancing look at whether an album is worth a listen. Users also say whether they loved it or hated it, and that goes towards giving the album a positive or negative rating.

Its kinda like Twitter for albums

Its kinda like Twitter for albums

Some of our more regular readers might have noticed that our site changed a few days ago, all thanks to Lucia. We now have a spiffing fancy new banner and a Most Listened To section, which gives six albums that we currently like. So, what do other people think of the music we like?

Unfortunately, Ham Sandwich and Fred are too unknown to feature on Musebin, which isn’t that surprising from two home grown talents.

Which Bitch? from The View is my own suggestion for the Most Listened To albums, and I really like it, but it seems as though the Musebin reviewers aren’t impressed by this album. One actually says that this album will be the death of the band. Fair enough.

Friendly Fires, the debut album from the band of the same name, on the other hand has 1 reviewer who likes it and 4 who love it. I’m firmly in the love it camp on this album – I can’t listen to it enough. It’s the perfect blend of house, indie and funk.

Its Blitz!, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, also has several positive reviews, because it’s natural, flowing and obscenely catchy.

It’s no secret how much we at The Clink love Passion Pit, and it’s no surpise to find that we are not alone. Chunk of Change has many positive Musebin reviews, and strangely one who wasn’t impressed. The EP has songs that bring on that start-of-summer euphoria.


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