Frock Swap Dublin

Frock Swap

If you’ve never heard of the ‘Frock Swap’ events then you’ve been missing out! I only just heard about Frock Swap from a friend, and I must say its a great idea. Theres been lots of Frock Swap events in the UK and beyond, and am happy to hear the Dublin is in on the action too.

So what is a Frock Swap event? Basically you must bring two items or more to the frock swap event, and each item of clothing that you bring is given a rating.

  • GREEN = Hight Street Fashion (eg. Topshop, Zara Basic, H&M etc)
  • AMBER = Higher End Street Fashion examples (eg. Reiss, TopShop Boutique, Ted Baker & Avoca)
  • RED = High End Fashion examples (eg. Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci)

Then based on what you bring, you can swap your items for clothing of the same rating. If you’re like me and feeling the pinch with the stupid recession, this is a great idea for some shopping without feeling too guilty about it! As the frock swap ladies say on their own site “Swapping is the new shopping”!!

The next Frock Swap event is taking place in Dublin this Thursday 23rd April in Cafe En Siene. Admission is €15, and well worth it (check out the site to see everything thats included in the price of admission)


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