It’s Good To Live In Dublin

The Liffey - it no Lee, but it'll do

The Liffey - it's no River Lee, but it'll do

One of the many pieces of subject matter that this blog covers is things to do in Dublin. As you may know, the four writers behind the blog have all moved to Dublin in the last couple of years and so are kind of new to the city. I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoy living here – at least none of us have moved back home, so that’s indicative of something!

A recent poll has shown that are many reasons to enjoy living in Dublin. A global survey on the overall quality of life in many of the worlds major cities has resulted in Dublin being ranked 16th in the EU and 25th in the world!

That ranks Dublin above other major European cities, such as Paris, London and Barcelona. The poll also puts Dublin above all US cities, the highest being Honolulu at 29th.

The top ten of the poll is dominated by Swiss and German cities, with Vienna being ranked No. 1, followed by Zurich, Geneva, Vancouver and Auckland. And at the very bottom – Baghdad. No surprise really is there?


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