The Laughter Lounge – Patrick McDonnell

I’ve been wanting to go see some comedy since I moved to dublin(four months ago now) and i’m finally getting around to it this week. Now that i’ve made up my mind to go I don’t see the need to wait so I’ve decided to go see Patrick McDonnell in the Laughter Lounge Thursday night.

Ah so that's who Patrick McDonnell is!

Ah so that's who Patrick McDonnell is!

For those of you who like me didn’t have a clue who Patrick McDonnell is, he starred in Naked Camera and is best known for playing Eoin McLove in Father Ted. That’s a good enough start for me and they’re charging 26euro to get in so I figure he has to be decent enough.

There are also three supporting comedians, Fred Cooke who is Irelands answer to Dumb and Dumber apparently, which doesn’t bode too well but i’m not going to let that deter me. Derek Ryan, the website promises is guaranteed laughter. Finally Colum McDonnell who the Laughter Lounge themselves have voted top comedian of 2009.

So basically I’m banking a lot on what the people at the Laughter Lounge have to say, but a bit of comedy is always good I’m sure i won’t be too disappointed!

They’ll also be there May 1st & 2nd, get your tickets here!


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