SweetTalk 35 – Thurs @ The Sugar Club


Taking place this Thursday 28th May is SweetTalk (brought to you by the folks over at CandyCollective). It’s on in The Sugar Club (Lesson St), doors 7pm & tickets are a tenner.

Speaking on the night are:
Alex Trochut
Ian Stevenson
Gaetan Billault

I’ve already written about the background behind SweetTalk and Candy Collective ( see here) – so no point in repeating myself. But with regards to this SweetTalk, I’m very happy with the speakers – in particular designer Alex Trochut, who’s work I’ve been following for awhile, and I think his illustration and typography work is unreal. His clients include Nike, Coca-Cola, British Airways and Adidas, and he is held in high regard throughout the design community.

Alex Trochut

The first piece of Trochut’s design work which i came across (see image above) was a typographic poster for Arjo Wiggens (a paper company) – the entire type composition was made out of clay and then photographed. I hadn’t really seen anything like that before – and the poster prompted me to check out the rest of his work, and I regularly check out alextrochut.com for updates. I must say also that work sparked my own increased interest in typography, and different approaches that can be taken to customised / hand-drawn type (i even did a couple of hand-drawn type treatments for ‘The Clink’s own header a few months ago, maybe i’ll post them up one of the days).

Not to forget about the other two speakers for Thursday night — they too have a just as impressive volume of work. Ian Stevenson is an illustrator who has produced work for MTV, E4 Music and Paul Smith to name but a few. You may recognize these idents he created for E4 Music

Gaetan Billault is a french designer, who’s now based in good ol’Dublin. He works as a freelance designer, completing a load of interesting projects, and also works freelance for Dublin based design studios, such as Red Dog. No doubt you’ll have seen his work around Dublin citiy – he’s completed works for The Twisted Pepper, and has illustration work on display at Jo’Burger Blackrock. I for one have came across one of Billault’s wall paintings – across from The Market Bar (which i photographed and was featured over on irishstreetart )

Gaetan Billault

Hopefully I’ll make the event now on Thursday after all my writing about it! Have a slipped disc at the moment, so it’s putting a bit of a dampner on things, but fingers crossed – and i’ll be there on thurday!


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