A Quick Word About Art (From The Non-Arty One)

Sometimes black and white is best

Sometimes black and white is best

By my own admission, I’m not arty. I normally leave the art/design/multimedia stuff to the three girls with degrees in that area, and Lucia has written about design content at length. But one thing I do like is photography, specifically black and white photography. There is something classic and timeless about a black and white image. Cool, even.

I did plan to elaborate some more on why I like black and white images so much, but I find myself struggling to describe the feeling. I can’t help but fall back on a cliched quote – I don’t know art, but I know what I like. Whoever said that managed to encapsulate myself and many others.

A friend of mine has taken to photography recently, and even though his work is of Cork-based locations (like Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills and Fota) that I’ve either been to and would not consider interesting or would never dream of going to, the images he has produced are quite impressive. One of my favourites is below, and his other work can be found on flickr.

Ballincollig Regional Park - Cogs And Wheels

Cogs And Wheels by Kieran Giller

My own love for black & white came from seeing some of Giles Norman’s work when I was much younger and his images have stuck with me ever since. His work mostly focuses on Irish landscape and buildings, particularly rural settings. Check out his portfolio here.

I came across this link on newzonfire.com that inspired me to write – supposedly 25 Outstanding Examples of Black And White Photography. While I disagree with the use of the word outstanding in this article, as some of the photos are not, but some of the images are stunning. The image at the top of the post is taken from this site, and I like it because of its dark and ominous tone, with its swirling clouds and the silhouette of the solitary child.

Then again, each to their own – you might think its a load of crap. Isn’t that the great thing about art?


3 responses to “A Quick Word About Art (From The Non-Arty One)

  1. I love these.

  2. Do you know the artists?

  3. Hey jscolley, firstly thanks for the comments.

    The top image is taken from the article “25 Outstanding Examples of Black And White Photography”, which is linked to in the article. I have no idea who the artist is and there are no details given unfortunately.

    The second artist I do know however – a good friend of mine, Kieran Giller. His other images can be found on his flickr account, also linked to in the post.


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