Music Videos: Why Bother?

So this is supposed to the first in a series of debate-style posts in which myself and Lucia are going to argue about the pros and cons of music videos. After a bit of thought I realised that my main problem with engaging in this debate is my competition – Lucia. I know she’s into animation, so any music videos she’s going to use in her argument are going to be cool ones that are unusual or funky and that I’ll inevitably like myself. Just look at some of the stuff she’s posted in the past – all stuff I actually like myself. So that started me down the road of doing some research and adding a bit of substance to my arguments, lest I be outdone……

But lets begin with my side of things. As you can guess from the post title, I’m taking the con side of the music video argument as I’m not a fan of music videos. Music is about sound, a pleasure for the ears, not for the eyes. Music is a form of art, specifically an auditory art form.

Yes, video is an art form, but a visual art from, so how does watching, for example, several girls doing a workout in a gym enhance the sound of the song. Now in this example, I’ll admit its great to watch, and I’m gonna post it here for your viewing pleasure, but does it make the song any better? Of course not. It certainly made the song more popular, but not better.

When thought is put into videos, they can be very powerful forms of visual art. Often video can compliment music, but that doesn’t mean make it better. Again, just look at one of Lucia’s examples – Moray McLaren’s one truely is brilliant, and the song and the video really do work together. But would the song be any less without the video? In this case, I think the answer is no. But I do like to take a balanced approach to rants so I’m now going to give a rare example of when a video does make a song better.

Fatboy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice is a rare exception to this rule. Although it does come down to personal opinion, I found myself liking this song way more when I had the image of Christopher Walken doing the craziest/best dance I’ll ever see in my head.

Unfortunately many, many music videos are just pure crap. You’ve usually got the artist(s) prancing around with dancers, or flashing some bling, or with a snake, or something else equally ridiculous and lame. You get the feeling that they are made for the sake of having something on screen in between the ads on The Box or TMF or Magic or some other music channel. They are just churned out of some music video factory with no thought or effort. Which is why when a good one comes along, like Weapon of Choice or We Got Time, that is really stands out and gets the appreciation that is deserves.

So, my opinion is that music videos suck, 99 times out 100. Anybody agree with me?


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