Oxegen 2009 – Day Ticket, To Go Or Not To Go???


I’ve been writing alot about live music since we started The Clink, but one big gig I’ve failed to mention this summer is good old Oxegen.

At this stage pretty much everyone knows what the line up for the festival is, being that it’s less than 3 weeks away.

I can say for sure that I will definately not be getting myself a camping ticket for the festival, been there done that. I’m not big on camping in general, and the year I did go to Oxegen for the weekend (2007), was the worst weather ever. Bringing too much stuff + not know how to put up a tent + more mud than I’ve ever seen in my life = NOT FUN!! Although I can’t deny that the music was unreal, and for the periods of time that was was dry and not covered in mud were great. I had a good weekend, but won’t be doing the Oxegen camping again.

As this year’s festival is getting closer and closer, I’ve been thinking about braving Oxegen and buying a day ticket. Unlike other years, the day tickets haven’t sold out yet (recession depression!!). So the option of buying a day ticket is still there. I’m thinking of heading on the Saturday as a couple of friends are heading then.

I’ve been weighing up the pros and cons trying to make a decision on it…

– The line up, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Kings of Leon, The Gaslight Anthem are all big pulls for me on the Saturday. Plus i’d nearly pay the money just to see Florence and the Machine on the Sunday!
– It’s only for one day, so no stinking camping

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

– The crowd, Oxegen is generally full of kids off their faces – to say I find the general crowd there headwrecking is an understatement!
– Cost, im pretty broke and it’s €100 for a day ticket, plus the cost of drink / food for the day

Mud fights at Oxegen in 2007

So what to do?! I still haven’t made my mind up on it yet – but the opportunity to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live is v tempting…

I’ll just have to wait until payday and make my decision then!


2 responses to “Oxegen 2009 – Day Ticket, To Go Or Not To Go???

  1. ‘Full of kids off their faces’ – my my don’t we sound old!

    I do see your dilemma though – quite an important decision.

    But you did fail to mention two other reasons to go on Sunday – Casio Kids & Friendly Fires!

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