The Academy – Upcoming Gigs

I’ve been to plenty of gigs at The Academy since I moved to Dublin (one of the highlights being the crazy CSS/MGMT/Futureheads gig last year – i was underneath that stage dive on the video below!), and it’s a venue that never really disappoints.

They have a constant stream of acts playing the main Academy stage, and recently theres been gigs taking place in the slightly smaller Academy 2.

There have been a load of great concerts announced over the last couple of months and recently around Dublin, with alot of them taking place in The Academy. Would love to get to the majority of them, but being pretty broke these days isn’t helping! Still tho I should get to one or two at least.

La Roux

So here’s my pick of some upcoming gigs taking place over the next few months:

  • The Cribs play on Mon 21 Sep, tickets are €22, get them here
  • The next night (22nd Sep) sees Hockey take to the stage, tickets are €16, get them here
  • Peter Doherty plays Wed 14 Oct, for €26.50 -get tickets here.
  • Passion Pit’s rescheduled date from earlier in the year is on Tue 03 Nov, €15.50. Annoyingly its sold out though.
  • The excellent La Roux plays on Thu 12 Nov, tickets are €17.50. Buy them here. This is one that i’m going to try get to, i’ve their album constantly playing these days!
  • Fred play The Academy 2, on Sat 14 Nov – no details on ticket details yet, will update when I hear.

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