The Friendliness Of The Fires

I’ve done a couple of posts about some of my favourite bands (Fred, Passion Pit and Ham Sandwich), so to resume my contributions to this blog (sorry Lucia for leaving it all to you recently) I thought I’d write about a band that I can’t get enough of recently – Friendly Fires.


These lovely looking fellas hail from St Albans, England (where funnily enough I used to live), and met in St Albans School (where I didn’t go), and they consider Prince among one of their influences. Friendly Fires‘ self titled album is fantastic from the first listen. It’s not often I find myself in love with an album on the first listen, but once I heard Jump In The Pool I was hooked. Its so catchy and so infectious – and that applies to the whole album. My personal favourite is Photobooth but from tracks one through ten, there isnt a song I don’t like. Each track is laced with catchy beats and quick rhythms, and I’m very surprised that they arent more popular given the popularity of electro-pop these days (MGMT, The Ting Tings, Passion Pit).

On a related electro-pop note, remember how we raved about Passion Pit – well they apparently played a brilliant set at Oxegen and subsequently sold out their upcoming gig at The Academy!

But back to FF – I find its hard to classify the sound of Friendly Fires. There is definitely an electronic sound to their music, but whats it mixed with? A friend described it as electro-punk, but I think it lacks the confrontational, in-your-face attitude of punk. Its got a much friendlier sound to it, but its not as plain as electro-pop, its a bit funkier, so maybe ‘ electro-funk?

Anyway, I have this album since April and its still getting listened to on a weekly basis – if you’re not listening to it, then why not?

On a separate note, The Clink would like to give a big thank you to Damien Mulley who mentioned us on his blog. Because of this (and the brilliant writing we do) we are seeing an increase in traffic, so thanks Damien.


3 responses to “The Friendliness Of The Fires

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment…there is an EP of remixes out for “Jump In the Pool”…glorious clubbification. Check it out.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I love Friendly Fires. I also have the same favorite – Photobooth. Have you heard their new song? Kiss of Life?

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