EP 2009 – Yet More New Acts Announced

How many more time can we possible write about Passion Pit at this stage? But here is yet more news to give on these wonderboys of electro-pop – they are to play at Electric Picnic! That’s good news for Lucia and Bríd who are off to Stradbally in two weeks – pair of lucky bi***es! The newest single from Passion Pit is To Kingdom Come, which is actually one of my least favourite tracks from the album. I much prefer Moth’s Wings, check it out.

But back to EP. There are 15 other acts in the newest announcement, and I’ve only heard of one of them – David Kitt, who I also quite like. The rest of the list is here, with handy links to their myspace pages:

The XX

Luciano presents ÆTHER

Our Fold

David Kitt


David Geraghty

The Hacker

Optimo DJs


Zombie Nation

Duke Dumont

Aeroplane DJs

Ebony Bones

Arveene and Misk

Japanese Popstars

The line up is now fairly chock-a-block, and you can check it out here.


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