The Clink Is Branching Out

This week, The Clink had its best day to date – Tuesday saw the blog hit with 208 visits. We are all delighted with this response to our writing. To give a quick little stats breakdown…

  • About four weeks ago we passed a major milestone – 10,000 hits;
  • We currently stand at over 14,000 hits;
  • And we average 90 hits per day (but this is growing too).

This is in part due to Damien Mulley, who has quickly become one of our top referrers. But still, not too shabby for 2.5 bloggers. All this positive feedback seems to have lit a spark within the least active member (naming no names of course), and has caused The Clink to branch out in two ways.

twitter_logoFirstly, social media. Bríd and Peter have been on twitter for several months now. We regularly tweet about new posts to the blog, so other than RSS, its a great way to keep up to date with The Clink. Even though she’s on holidays, Lucia has been gifted with her very own twitter account (how did that happen? ;)), so all three of will soon be tweeting with The Clink updates.

facebook-logoThe Clink also now has its own Facebook page. So feel free to become a fan – its another way to keep up to date with the blog and to get in touch with us.

Pen and paper

The second way we are trying to grow is by getting in some additional writers. It’s pretty easy to see what kind things we blog about – music, art and design and rugby are the big ones that get regular postings. We also try to cover things to do in Dublin and movies, but they could do with more coverage. We think The Clink can be more than what it is now, so we are wondering if people want to come and blog with us.

Have you a topic/hobby you are interested in, and you think it could be worth blogging about? Want to take up our movie blogging? Have a different opinion to Peter’s on rugby (maybe a Leinster opinion)? Have you done the tourist things in Dublin we haven’t – the Guinness Storehouse, Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin Zoo? Have you been to a gig recently that we didn’t write about? You can write as frequently or as infrequently as you like – just look at Bríd, who writes once in a blue moon!

We do have two little stipulations. We like to keep the focus as Irish as possible and as light hearted as possible. We’re not saying we wouldn’t encourage someone to cover, say the recession, just once it doesn’t get all heavy. Actually, some light hearted writing about the recession would be welcome by most of the country!

So if you think you fit the bill get in touch – via commenting, facebook or twitter.

We are still very much in our infancy (we’re only five months old) so it might be a bit premature to be trying so much at once, but we’re hopeful some good will come of all this work. We encourage any and all comments and criticism on any of our posts, so do show your support and feel free to make your opinions known.

Thanks for reading.


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