Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Belfast

Last Wednesday saw New York outfit Yeah Yeah Yeahs arrive in Belfast and I decided to take a little trip up North with a few mates to see them.


I left work at 4.30 (thanks to the boss for that) and hit the road from the south city centre about 5.15. We arrived in St George’s Market at about 8.30, just in time to hear Fight Like Apes start the night off.


All of us noted that the acoustics weren’t great for the first couple of songs, but they got better. I really like Fight Like Apes, and they played several tracks from their debut album, including Jake Summers, Do You Karate?, Something Global and Tie Me Up With Jackets before wrapping up with Battlestations. Finishing up Battlestations, keyboard player Jamie “Pockets” Fox attempted a mini rock n roll moment by flipping his keyboard over, but it didn’t quite come off. Lead singer MayKay is as good live as on record and is quite likable on stage. All in all, highly enjoyable from the Dublin band.


If you know anything about Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you’ll have heard about lead singer Karen O’s stage antics – and she did not disappoint. This girl loves the stage and the crowd loves her. A single luminous pink glove was a mainstay during several wardrobe changes, several of which meant extended intros that teased the crowd as she rushed off stage, only to rush back on and burst into song while the crowd was showered in Y-shaped glitter. My personal favourite was the sequined monogrammed leather jacket that was donned for Zero – get your leather on! The set list covered songs from every album, so it was a great treat for fans, including Soft Shock, Hysteric, Pin, Y Control and a toned down version of Maps during the three song encore. I had my fingers crossed for a bit of Tick, but alas! Check out the full set list here.

A great of night of music was had by all – but was it worth the trek? An emphatic yes is the answer. Belfast is not that far away. We flew it home in well under 2 hours thanks to lack of traffic and a motorway for most of the journey – but getting there did take longer with the brilliant Dublin traffic holding us back. The tickets were a good price, and the North is still much cheaper. So I will no longer be ruling out Belfast as a venue for my music!

UPDATE: have a good review of the gig here, as well as some very good on stage photos.


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