Don’t Have €240 – Then Read On To Win Electric Picnic Tickets!

ep 09 logo colour

Bet that headline caught your attention! Good – it would definitely catch mine as I don’t have the 240 big ones to get myself an EP ticket. I came across a link on Twitter (take note Lucia) from the nice guys over at who have posted details to several different competitions in which you can win EP tickets for next weekend. Some are now closed but here’s the list in order of how much effort I reckon it takes to enter each one. You have to be over 18 for all of them – sorry young ‘uns.

UPDATE: I’m so good, I’ve crossed out the closed ones for ya!

Note: don’t enter the Tower Records comp, as listed on guesslist – it closed on Friday, and you’ll probably still be charged for entering.

FestivalAnnual. Easiest – just enter your email to be in with winning pair of tickets. You’re subscribing to the site, so you’ll probably get pesky updates emails, but you won’t be complaining if you win! It says the competition closes on Fri 31 Aug, so I hope this is a misprint of Mon (tomorrow). & Bacardi. Sign up the website, answer a question (hint, they give you the answer). Couldn’t be easier. Closes Wednesday. Pair of tickets and unlimited access to Bacardi B-Live VIP arena.

RTÉ 2FM & Nokia. The easiest to enter for such a brilliant prize – 4 tickets, chauffeur driven pimped out Nokia Winnebago to use for the full weekend & a free Nokia 5800 touchscreen phone. Answer an easy question and follow a few verification steps to enter. This one closes tonight so hurry up! Sign up the website (easy if you’ve done the previous Barcardi comp), answer a Madness question. I had to google this answer. This one closes tomorrow.

Bootcamp Ireland. They don’t say how many tickets are offer, but it’s an easy entry. Just answer a question (the answer to which can be found on their site) and you’re in. This one closes tomorrow too.

Electric Picnic on MySpace. For this one you have to become a friend of EP on MySpace, then email your answer to a question about Orbital. Easy if you’re already on MySpace – I wasn’t. You can win a pair of tickets as well the chance to meet Orbital. Doesn’t say when it closes. For this one you have to sign up to the site, which takes a little longer than others. Up for grabs is a pair of tickets. Then answer a question, for which the answer is on another site, to which they kindly give you the link. The T&Cs state that the winner “must answer a test of skill question” in order to claim the prize – which sounds interesting. Closes Tuesday.

o2 Blueroom. While this one might seem to be one of the easiest to enter, I have put it this far down the list because it will be the hardest to win. You have to email o2 and tell them why you should win a pair of tickets – so you have to come with something imaginative and witty that will make you stand out – not so easily done. Also, the T&Cs confuse me on this one. You definitely have to be a member of the o2 Blueroom – only for o2 customers, so I can’t even enter myself. I think you also have to send a text, which I doubt is free, but why not say this on the competition page? This one closes tonight.

Heineken Music. Heineken have gone for treasure hunt type competition. The prize includes transport, accommodation and drink – wicked. Answer 5 daily questions and post answers in the comments section. They give you hints as to where to find the answers – but you can also read other peoples comments who’ve done the work for you. Closes Tuesday.

War Child Ireland. Good news: this one has the best prize in my opinion – VIP tickets, a furnished myhab tent, outdoor furniture, toilet/shower facilities, fresh cut flowers and pillow chocolates, champagne, Body & Soul voucher, War Child t-shirt, stereo & CDs and Haagen Dazs ice cream vouchers. Bad news: it’ll cost money to enter, but it goes to the War Child charity, so it’s not all bad. To enter you have to send two texts at €2.50 each, and you can enter as many times as you want on this one. This one closes at 5PM tomorrow (not midnight like the others).

Hotpress. This one is a daily give away of a pair of tickets, but it will take some effort to win. From Monday to Thursday this week you have to answer a question. The winner is then posted on the news section of Hotpress, who has 30 minutes to claim the tickets. If they don’t claim, then it moves on to someone else, who also has 30 minutes to claim. I assume it goes on until someone claims, but it means checking the Hotpress website every 30 minutes, just in case.

Day & Night. This one goes at the bottom as its probably going to be the hardest to enter. If you happen to have a left over copy of Friday’s Irish Independent then open up your entertainment supplement and find out who’s gig was reviewed. Then go to page 15  for details of how to enter. You’ll have to text, so it’s gonna cost you. I don’t have Friday’s Day & Night – any nice people out there want to give me details?


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