Once A Month Club

Thursday night saw the return of the Once A Month Club and I took a trip down to see what was going on.

once a month club

The event takes place in Academy 2, and is a platform for small, young Irish bands to ply their trade. Profits raised from the event go to charity – the Special Olympics Ireland and Pieta House – Centre for the Prevention of Self-Harm or Suicide.

I was quite looking forward to this gig. The main event was supposed to be Fight Like Apes, playing an acoustic set. When you think FLA, you dont think acoustic, so it was lining up to be a very interesting night of music – how would they tame their fast, heavy sound for an unplugged event?

But alas, it was not to be. FLA had to cancel due to illness. The acoustic experiment was dead.

The replacement act was The Flaws, but I’ll get to them in a bit. I was late to the event, so missed the first act, The Holy Roman Army. The second act was The Brilliant Things, who are Marie Junior and Greg French but were accompanied by a bassist and drummer on the night. These guys played on the main stage at Oxegen 09, but the crowd in The Academy 2 was considerably smaller. Lead singer Marie likes to dance around the stage and the band have a good sound, if a little mainstream, but I enjoyed them.

Following them were Bitches With Wolves. Not knowing who these guys were means I was a little surprised when the lead man, James O’Neill, takes to the stage. Flamboyance with a penchant for gold chains, gold clothes, high hair and higher shoulder pads makes for a very interesting lead singer. The guy loves strutting across the stage, puts on a good show and you can’t help but warm to him (even in those gold and black sequined knickers). The music isn’t too bad either, mixing many influences into their own form of glam rock. They finished up with their first song You Can’t Piss To This getting plenty of chants from the crowd.

The main event was The Flaws, who I’d heard of from listening to Phantom, but it was just the one song, Idolise. Liking the song I was expecting to like these guys, but found that I didn’t. In general I liked them, but on stage I thought they were a touch bland and pedestrian, but that could have been due to the flamboyance that came before them.

It was my first time to Academy 2 and I liked it – its small, but the sound is really good. It was such a shame that FLA cancelled, but hopefully they will return and perform their unplugged set at the next Once A Month Club. I wasn’t disappointed with the night, but Bitches With Wolves stole the show.


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