Chris & Co. Rock The Park

The Clink hit Phoenix Park on Monday night for the Coldplay gig – and boy, did we have a good time!


I’ll be honest here – I wasn’t looking forward to it. I hadn’t listened to Coldplay in ages (mostly on purpose, cause I knew the gig was coming up). I had forked over eighty quid for the ticket nearly a year ago, and I could really have done with that eighty quid back! Then there was that awful, awful traffic going home from work.

But all that changed when I was walking through the park and I could hear the wonderfully angelic voice of Guy Garvey. I was seriously in the mood then! Elbow were great. I was disappointed that I got stuck in the beer queue for Grounds For Divorce – but I still sang my little heart out to it anyway.

The concert was part of the Viva La Vida tour – the same tour for which Coldplay’s concert last December in The o2 was near the start. The crowd was the biggest mix of people I think I’ve been at a concert with – teens right through to possible grandparents. Coldplay were late to the stage – but we’re always going to be forgiven.

The self confessed “world’s biggest soft rock band”, a.k.a. Chris, Guy, Will and Johnny, kicked off the night with Violet Hill and never looked back. All the hits were covered – from early hits such as Yellow and Trouble, right through Clocks and Fix You, bringing us up to the current album with Strawberry Swing, Viva La Vida and my personal favourite, Death And All Its Friends. The performance for Yellow saw Coldplay borrow a little bit from The Flaming Lips and release a swarm of massive yellow confetti filled balloons. The good man that is Swearimnotpaul has the full set list, which includes a tribute to a certain King of Pop.

The Coldplay shaped puppets visit Dublin

The Coldplay shaped puppets visit Dublin

At the end of the night was a free CD giveaway, which was as announced. LeftRightLeftRightLeft is a nine track live album which I really like, but could have been handed out better. There was one hand out area at each exit and they were swamped, seriously swamped. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone was injured.

But the four English boys really brought a great show to Phoenix Park. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves – including Roadie #42 – well, not everyone, but hey, I enjoyed myself and rediscovered my man-love for Chris Martin & Co. – and that’s all that counts!


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