Coors Light Peak @ Dublin Port

Saturday, 7th Nov, sees the arrival to Dublin of the Coors Light Peak series. The series centres around music, but “it’s more than just a music event.”


Coors Light Peak has traveled the country in the past several weeks, covering Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford. The idea is to have music acts playing in an amphitheatre of shipping containers, against a backdrop of fully functioning shipping ports and docks. A very unusual and innovative idea I think, and I’m looking forward to tagging along with the rest of The Clink to the event. But who’s playing?


New Young Pony Club are just one of the acts to look forward to

New Young Pony Club, Rarely Seen Above Ground, and Codes and the three music acts who will be playing at Dublin Port. All good bands, and ones I’ve never seen live, so looking forward to them all. New Young Pony Club hail from London, while the other two bands are Irish – Kilkenny and Dublin respectively. Check out the MySpace links above to get in the mood.

How do you get to go? Fill out the form on and you are entered into the draw to win free access. You can also text your entry – simply text PEAK to 51500. Easy peasy, so good luck.


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