Marina & The Emeralds


Wowzers. Seriously.

After an electrifying set at this summers Electric Picnic (see what I did there ha!) Marina and the Diamonds (aka Marina Diamandis) returned to Ireland on Wednesday for her first headline show at The Academy. As most people know by now, The Diamonds are Marina’s fans, but us Irish are special as she’s dubbed us The Emeralds, and rightly so.

Sometime after 9pm Marina and her 3 piece band took to the stage. Wearing a custom-made leather dress by Oasis, and a giant “M” earring on her left ear, she looked every inch the star she is set to become.

The crowd was a mixture of Marina fans who knew all the songs, recent converts after seeing her at EP, and a few people who came along to see what all the fuss was about. Kicking off the set with Girls, she played the likes of Seventeen and I Am Not A Robot before moving on to the piano for acoustic versions of Mowgli’s Road, Obsessions and Numb (which she first showcased at EP). It was at this stage I took a quick look around the audience behind me and it’s safe to say she had all of us captivated.

The highlight for me was Shampain – Marina definitely has some big hits up her sleeve and this is one of them. We also got treated to a new song – Hollywood Infected Your Brain, and before we knew it the gig was almost over. But not before an encore of the full single version of Mowgli’s Road, cuckoo!

is absolutely stunning, damn talented, likable and a captivating performer. She’s a bit left field, but that what I like about her – she does things her way and that will be her strength, hell even releasing Mowgli’s as her first major label single was a chance, which she admitted herself on her blog – but rest assured she’s won the Irish over, and there were plenty of us that went out and bought that single Friday morning.


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