Heineken Green Spheres, Carlow

Heineken Green Spheres

The day after Marina’s epic Academy gig, all of us at The Clink headed off on a little road trip to Carlow for the Heineken Green Spheres gig. Guaranteed fun times ahead!

Thankfully the drive wasn’t too bad, and I can now tick off visiting Carlow on my life list of things to do. Seriously, what a bizarre & random little town. Now down to the good shit, the event itself.

Free bottle of Heineken on the way in, check. Rush to the back of the Dinn Ri complex to catch the first act – Marina and the Diamonds.

We got treated to Marina and the Diamonds for a second night in a row – sweeeet. She looked amazing as usual, atmosphere was a bit different to the gig the night before, as not everyone knew who she was. But she put on a freakin’ great show once again, and most definitely had a few more Emeralds as fans by the end of the set. Also how amazing was her giant diamond necklace? I want.

Next up were Miike Snow, and the place was packed before they came on. Six guys wearing white masks strolled on to the stage – wait a sec isn’t there 3 members in Miike Snow? Either way that’s pretty irrelevant – they lived up to the hype and rocked it live. Animal went down a storm, along with a few other album tracks & a lot of jamming. Plus a cover of Air’s “Kelly Watched The Stars”, which was pretty cool.

Digitalism were the last to play, and they were in the main area of Dinn Ri. Stayed upstairs for most of their dj set as it was so packed, they were pretty good though. On a side note, how crazy is that Dinn Ri venue? It’s frigging huge. I don’t know where in the venue I spent the majority of the night! If you were to get lost there, you’re screwed. Overall a great night though, hats off to the organisers – the place looked great & was loving the lighting behind the stages. My only complaint was when it came to 2am and they stopped serving I was by no means ready to head home yet.

Next day we left Carlow with a surprising lack of hangovers all round – back to Dublin round 4, and out again that night for round 3. Overall The Clink’s first official road trip = great success.

Marina and the Diamonds
Marina and the Diamonds
Marina and the Diamonds
Marina and the Diamonds
Marina and the Diamonds
Miike Snow
Miike Snow
Miike Snow


2 responses to “Heineken Green Spheres, Carlow

  1. Was there, great night. Outragously huge and cool venue for Carlow of all places. Hadn’t heard Marina before but will definitly see her again, amazing both in appearance and performance.
    Was right at the front for Miike Snow, they rocked it, Kelly wacthed the Stars definitly a highlight.
    Thought Digitalism were brilliant. One of the best DJ sets I’ve been to. Saw them in UCD last year and thought they were incomparibly better in Dinn Ri.
    Is it too greedy to expect tickets for White Lies and Neon Indian??

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