Mixtape Goodness: Le Miel Du Mois

It’s not too often that I’ll base a post around another blog, but I think this deserves a shout out. Found myself on the Le Miel Du Mois site there a few weeks ago, and have been a regular since. Le Meil Du Mois (part of the Et Musique Pour Tous blog), basically posts absolutely killer online mixtapes.

Once a month a new mix is uploaded and you’re free to listen on the site (loving the retro cassette tape player), or you can download the tracks in full.

The mixtapes are complied by Steph Lund, and she’s got damn good music taste. Check it out for yourself here.


4 responses to “Mixtape Goodness: Le Miel Du Mois

  1. Best mixtape on the internet! Love it!

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