Win Tickets to Heineken Green Spheres White Lies Gig in Dublin and Cork

White LiesAfter an epic night in Carlow a few weeks ago, the Heineken Green Spheres strike gold again, with not one but TWO dates.

This is a first – next week there will be two Heineken Green Spheres gigs taking place, one in Dublin at The Academy (9th Dec) and a second in Cork at the Cork Opera house (10th Dec). And we’ve got tickets to give away for both! Up for grabs are on pair of tickets for the Dublin gig, and two pairs for Cork. Sweet.

To be in with a chance to win tickets, just leave a comment below – stating wether you’d like to go to the Dublin or Cork gig.

The line up for both the dates is as follows:
AeroplaneDublin, Academy 9th December:
White Lies
The Kissaway Trail
Neon Indian

Neon Indian Cork, The Opera House, 10th December:
White Lies
The Kissaway Trail
Neon Indian
Rob da Bank

As already mentioned above, to be in with a chance to win tickets, just leave a comment below – stating wether you’d like to go to the Dublin or Cork gig.

Easy Peasy! We’ll then choose the winners at random next week.

To get you in the mood check out Aeroplane’s remix of this Au Revoir Simone track “Another Likely Story”:

This gig is gonna be gooood.


20 responses to “Win Tickets to Heineken Green Spheres White Lies Gig in Dublin and Cork

  1. I’d love a pair of tickets to the Dublin gig.


  2. Man, I would love a ticket for the Dublin gig Aeroplane are AWESOME…! and I just got my bike robbed so I need cheering up šŸ˜¦

  3. Hey! Was so gutted to miss The White Lies when they supported Snow Patrol this year, I’d even go to Cork to see them!

  4. Please could i get a pair of tickets, gutted i havnt won any, feels like everyone else apart from me is going :[ also I told my best mate i won tickets for white lies and he could come for his birthday present, turns out i didnt win :[

  5. hey i’d be so delighted with a couple of tickets for white lies in the academy,was unfortunate enough to miss them at oxegen and am gutted i didnt win tickets to see them,even though it seems like everyone else has!:(

  6. PLEASE i need to go see them in dublin šŸ˜¦ missd them at oxegen cuz had to leave due to illness(non drink related unfortunetly ha) PLEASE give me a ticket for DUBLIN!

  7. Hey Clink wats happnin…i’ve been followin u guys 4 a good while now love wat ur doin ur cooler dan d other side of my pillow and wud really appreciate it if u cud sort me out with a ticket 4 d dublin gig all my mates got tickets but i was not so lucky..thanx…gaz

  8. I have been like a frantic lunatic tryin to get tickets. I have even taken to harrassing people I know that work for Heineken(even just selling the lovely stuff in pubs ;-p)…… please please can I have tickets to Cork.. I flipping adore this band and I am mad (like a mad crazy cat lady, but worse!!!) to see them…Please please please!!!!

  9. Julieanne Fleming

    Dublin gig preetty please!
    I love the feeling when we lift off……. šŸ™‚
    White lies are unreal and i would love to c them live….death is one my all time favourite songs…H
    Hearing it live…

  10. hey hey, would love a pair of tickets for the dublin gig, t’wud be amazing, thanks! šŸ™‚

  11. Since Heineken Green Spheres themselves have screwed up their ticket process so bad. I ‘had’ tickets but they were cruelly taken away from me.
    It would mean a lot!

  12. I would absolutely LOVE tickets to the White lies gig in Cork. They are one of my all time favourite bands their music is amazing! I was promised tickets by Green Spheres but they were also cruelly taken from me, and i am so disappointed.
    It would mean so much to me if i could get tickets!
    I would love to see White Lies live, it would really make my christmas! šŸ™‚

  13. I would like free tickets for Cork.
    It’s my last week in ireland and this would be a great goodbye party!

  14. I would love to get a pair of tickets to the Cork gig…I really love this band, they’re amazing!!!! Thanks a million!

  15. Hey all, the competition is now closed.

    Many thanks for the great response and we have now drawn the winners at random ā€“ they are:

    Dublin ā€“ Ben,
    Cork ā€“ Peter & Lisa Hickey.

    Check your email guys for more details, and keep an eye on the blog for future competitions.

  16. I cannot believe I missed this competition by a few hours!! Please can I have tickets for cork I would absolutely faint with happiness! Already missed out on the florence and machine gig too cos of the stupid lottery and had no luck on the green spheres site for white lies!

    Please is there anything ye good folks at the clink could do??

    Best wishes,

  17. Hi Peadar,

    Thanks a million for the tickets, cant believe I won!!! I havent gotten an email yet, hope to hear from you soon?!

  18. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hope im not tooooooo late:(
    i really really want these tickets for the cork concert,prettttttttyyyyyyyy please.xxxxxxx

  19. Thank you so much for the tickets… I had a fantastic night in Cork. I got to meet the band and also their touring keyboard player (tommy was super nice)…..

    They have a really cool double decker tour bus…. Its red in true english style!! Thanks again, Lisa

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