I Love Metric

One of my new favourite bands is a Canadian group called Metric – who Lucia will no doubt get to enjoy live, just to annoy me.

Although around a few years, the Toronto based indie foursome came onto my radar this time last year with the release of their single Help I’m Alive. An indie tune with some very funky synth mixed in, it got plenty of Phantom airplay and definitely stuck in my head.

More recently, I came across their latest album, Fantasies, released in April 2009. Now this is where my love for this band started to grow. The band’s fourth album is full of good tracks, from the laid back vibe of Twilight Galaxy to the more in-your-face, pacey numbers, like Gold Guns Girls.

Then, came the release of an acoustic EP, Plug In Plug Out. I came across this on my cyber travels and was a bit skeptical to begin with. Having loved the pace and kick of Help I’m Alive, to hear the acoustic version was a bit of a shock to the system. It was only when I started treated the two songs as two different songs that I started to love the acoustic version as much as the album version, because they are two very different songs. The album version is very much a track with energy, and the acoustic version is a chill out song. Check them both out here – I think you’ll see what I mean.

And for another completely different take on the song, there’s also a cool 80kidz remix of the tune here.

Plug In Plug Out features acoustic versions of Gimme Sympathy, Gold Guns Girls, Satellite Mind and Twilight Galaxy, and all of them combine to make a great EP.

The bands website, which is appropriately named ilovemetric.com, features a free download of the acoustic version of Gold Guns Girls. You can also listen to the full album on the website, or else check out their MySpace.


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