Florence, We’ve Got The Love

Florence and the Machine

Monday 7th Dec was the day Florence and the Machine came to Dublin, and rocked our socks off.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m already a huge Florence & The Machine fan (to the point of being slagged for my lady love of her, ha!), so my expectations for the gig were pretty high. What I didn’t expect was to be as blown away as I was. Seriously.

I was lucky enough to blag my way into the pit before Florence came on so had a pretty good spot for the whole show. Taking to the stage in a black lace dress and bare-foot, Florence looked stunning and had the crowd in the palm of her hand from the first note that she sang.

Lungs is an epic album (one of my top albums of the year for sure), but where Florence comes alive is on stage, the songs take on a new meaning and have an added energy. It’s hard to believe that just this time 12 months ago, Florence and the Machine were known to only a limited amount of people.

Belting out fan favorites Kiss With A Fist, Drumming Song and Cosmic Love – the place was jumping. We also got treated to a couple of b-sides from the album, including Hardest of Hearts and Are You Hurting The One You Love?, one of my personal favorites.

Knocking back shots of whiskey throughout the gig, Florence was on form – she comes across quite shy when she speaks to the audience compared to when she’s singing, which only endears you to like her more.

Highlights of the night for me were Dog Days Are Over, getting the whole venue to sit on the floor (including the security guards at the back) and then everyone jumping up during the climax of the song was an amazing moment. For the encore Florence came out with songwriting partner Isabella, to sing Falling, another b-side, there was a small slip up at the start of the song but no one cared – she killed it.

Florence and the Machine

You’ve Got The Love was the finale, and what a song it was – Florence climbed up into the balconies and finished the song in one of the stalls, with her manager Mairead clinging on to her for dear life, for fear she may fall! Legend.

Safe to say no one came out of this gig disappointed, and I think the best from Florence and the Machine is still yet to come.


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