Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, too much going on to spend all my money on you!

What’s Valentine’s going to be like for you in 2010? Staring, all doe eyed, across the table of a packed, over priced restaurant, (pretending you can read the French menu), wincing and fighting the sickness whilst trying to wade through a starter of a half a dozen slimy oysters? If it is then you need to read this. This is a different kind of guide to Valentine’s. Not just for bitter singletons like myself, but for those who don’t buy into the Hallmark schmaltz and false affection of St. Valentine. Granted, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of love, but love for what? It doesn’t always have to be that smelly partner of yours does it!? What about Music? Lets celebrate a love for music. I think it was Shakespeare that said; ‘If Music be the food of love then play Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip loud, get drunk, and then go to Zaytoon for a kebab’, or something like that!

I’ve drawn up a short list of gigs around town in the week leading up to Valentine’s that’ll make you think twice before splashing out on that €50+ bottle of wine you’ll buy on the 14th (but wouldn’t dream of buying any other night of the year), you could be out seeing some top genre crossing acts. Treat your missus or mister to a proper bit of sweaty rock and roll!!

It all starts on the 10th of February with a young English fella, Jamie, with a one-letter surname. What is it…T? Yes please milk and one sugar!

Jamie T, described, as a young Damon Albarn rapping with The Clash will be rockin the Academy with his unique blend of wry Brit-Hop/Punk tunes, full of urban observations and rapier sharp post teen wit. Not bad for a starter, beats oysters!

On the 12th there’s a real early 2010 treat for a Whelan’s audience. Beach House with support from Lawrence Arabia. – I have a particular interest in this one, having recently discovered Lawrence for myself.

Beach House from Baltimore bring their pining melancholic sound, tinged with hints of summer to Dublin for the first time. The release of their second album recently has been described as retaining their sense of elegant decay, whilst sweeping up the debris of the last album, whatever that means, should be good though!!

Lawrence Arabia, aka Kiwi chanter James Milne, with his Lennonesque voice, 60’s Beach Boy backing harmonies and instantly memorable tunes brings summer nostalgia gently breezing in to Whelans.

Of his new album, Chant Darling, Music OMH said; He’s made a charming collection of perfect harmonies, witty observations and undeniable melodies. All this is performed by an intelligent singer whose main hobby outside of music is spreading the teachings of his own political party. Stand out track for me by the way is Apple Pie Bed, for the very reasons I’ve just listed.

On the ‘big day’ itself, there’s another rare treat, Midlake are in town, playing Vicar Street. Their third and most proclaimed album has just been released. Capitalising on the popularity of Van Occupanther, the storyboard album The Courage of Others is a slower more emotion tinged offering that is being raved about in all quarters.

On a slightly different note, but still great entertainment, if you think St. V’s day is a bit of a laugh, then why not check out Stephen K Amos’ new stand-up show, The Feelgood Factor, in Vicar Street. The British born comedian with a Nigerian heritage claims he cannot get a BBC series until Lenny Henry dies. He’s probably right. His show has been described by The List as ‘A hurricane of relentlessly energetic charisma, Amos has the audience eating out of his hand’. Sound good?!

I’ll hopefully be at some or all of these gigs, scanning the bar for single ladies, that I’ll probably, ironically end up with this time next year, spending heaps of cash I don’t have on roses and rosé! Just kidding…

If you don’t fancy any of the stuff I’ve listed, have a look for yourself, it’s Dublin, there’s plenty on, don’t be a stupid cupid or an expensive cliché.

One last note; If you have any cash left over, another one that deserves a mention is the The Lambretta’s. The 70’s Mod revival band is back in Dublin for the second time in just over a year. You’ll find your feet moving to the familiar ‘Dance’ and be wondering why they didn’t stay longer at the top with the infectious ‘Poison Ivy’.

So, there’s a week packed of music and laughs not eating and gas! Enjoy. If you know of anything else that’s going on let us know.


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