Florence + The Machine // Cosmic Love Tour

Florence and the Machine

This is old news by now, but just a quick reminder that tickets for Florence and the Machine’s two Dublin dates at The Olympia go on sale tomorrow morning. If last time is anything to go by, they’ll be snapped up in minutes.

If you haven’t seen Florence live in action before, trust me – the gig will be more than worth the €28 ticket price. Dates for the gig are 2nd and 3rd May – which is the bank holiday weekend, so fun times all round.

If like me you’re stuck in Toronto, Flo & Co have added some North American dates to the tour also, so she’ll be getting her gig on in Toronto on Sat 10th April – not sure when tickets for the North American dates are going on sale, but will update the post once I hear.

*UPDATE: the Dublin dates sold out in minutes – don’t actually know anyone who was lucky enough to get a ticket. Tickets are still available for the Toronto date – sickenly enough it may work out cheaper for ye at home to buy flights to Toronto than to pay what touts are asking for tickets!


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