Like A Cool Bahamas Breeze

Since I’ve moved to Toronto I’ve been trying to fit in a couple of gigs / visits to bars where local bands are playing. Luckily enough I’ve ended up living very close to The Garrison on Dundas.

The Garrison is a decent enough spot. Every Sunday they host Wavelength – which is a weekend gig night and it’s pay what you can (recommended $5 or more). The pay what you can thing isn’t something I’d ever seen before for a gig in Ireland, pretty good idea if you ask me. $5 for 4 bands in one night – take note Dublin.

It was thanks to one of the Wavelength nights that I came across Bahamas (aka Toronto based musician Afie Jurvanen). You may not have heard of this guy, but he’s been around a while as a guitarist for the likes of Feist. Released this year Pink Start is his debut record.

Since seeing him live I’ve got a hold of the album – if you like to chilled out indie, then you’ll like this. The music itself is pretty stripped down, no crazy production – just good relaxing songs. Check out tracks Already Yours and Hockey Teeth. The album won’t change your life, but it’s a nice addition to my iPod.

Also worth noting, the guy does a mean version of Purple Rain live – respect!


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