Mumford and Sons, Lee’s Palace Toronto

mumford and sons

Ok who knew these guys had such a following in Toronto? Not I. Originally scheduled to play El Momcambo, Mumford & Son’s were upgraded to a larger venue and played a sold out show at Lee’s Palace this past Monday.

People in Canada seem to arrive on time for gigs – as when I stepped foot inside Lee’s Palace just 20mins after the doors opened the place was already full. Mumford & Sons put on an amazing live show. Their album doesn’t actually do them justice, I’ve had it for awhile and it’s great but I was only blown away by a couple of songs. Different story when seeing these guys live, they’ve got their set down to a tee.

The band played the majority of tracks from Sigh No More, stand out for me was Little Lion Man, which they surprisingly played 3 songs in. I attempted to video it but scrapped that plan as I was having way to much fun. We also got treated to a couple of new songs – which saw them change things up a little with Marcus playing an electric guitar instead of acoustic – the songs were good but lets hope they don’t stray away too much from what makes them stand out.

Mumford & Sons = great live band, flawless four part harmonies, and charisma to boot. If you have yet to see them live, get on it.


One response to “Mumford and Sons, Lee’s Palace Toronto

  1. I didnt know they had such a following in Canada, but Im not surprised – love these guys, and majorly jealous that you got to see them!

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