Dog Days Are Over (And Over, And Over)

Dog Days Are OverMiss Florence Welch and her machine are back again with another release from her smashing debut ‘Lungs’.

This is to be the sixth single released from the album, personally I think it’s a bit excessive – but I can see why they’re still releasing one more song, due to the success of ‘You’ve Got The Love’ and the Brits performance she’d be mad not to capitalize on the exposure.

I had thought the next single was going to be ‘Hurricane Drunk’, but looks like it’s been given the boot in favor of ‘Dog Days Are Over’ – this was the first FATM songs I ever heard, and it’s what got me hooked on her. My personal favorite track on the album, ‘Dog Days’ is a beast of a song that’ll pick you up and make you feel like you can conquer the world.

BUT to most fans, this song is all to familiar, it was already released back in 2008 as her second single. So looks like it’s getting a re-release. I’ve no issue with this, but the accompanying video has been re-shot last week. The original video (directed by longtime collaborators Tom Beard & Tabitha Denholm) captures perfectly what Florence is about, and it’s a shame to not see it being used again.

So, does the new video live up to the original? Judge for yourself…

The Original:


2 responses to “Dog Days Are Over (And Over, And Over)

  1. I gather from a source at Universal that ‘Cosmic Love’ will be the SEVENTH and final release from the album.

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