Irish Record Store Day

This Saturday, 17th April, will be Record Store Day in many countries across the world, including Ireland. Record Store Day is a day to celebrate that will celebrate the indie music store.

As Jim Carroll discusses in On The Record, the independent record store is a dying breed, as the rise of digital media stores continues. But there is plenty to celebrate come Saturday, including some live acts and exclusive releases.

The list of participating stores around to the country is not lengthy:

Amazingly, and disappointingly, none in Cork.

Jim Carroll’s article makes the point that the stores themselves should shoulder some of the blame for the demise in the sector. Looking at the above list, he certainly has a point. In an increasingly digital world, not all of these stores have a website, which is only shooting yourself in the foot.

For those stores that do have websites, do check them out for details about any live acts performing in store. Tower Records Wicklow St will have Choice Music Prize winner Adrian Crowley as well as Heathers, Funeral Suits, (the amazing) Stornoway, O Emperor and Butterfly Explosion.

And there’s some exclusive records available too. The New Breed is a 41 track compilation from EMI featuring Irish artists a plenty. Included on the exclusive records are Two Door Cinema Club, Fred, Delorentos, R.S.A.G. and As I Watch You From Afar. For a full list, head over to Anyone else spot the typo on the cover?

Universal Music Ireland are getting in on the exclusive records too, by releasing rare tracks from The Rolling Stones, Metallica, White Lies and a few others. Again, has the full breakdown.

I came across this article too, which gives details about a Parlophone set of releases. But it’s a UK site, so no guarantees that the exclusive tracks from artists such as Bat For Lashes, Hot Chip and The Beatles will be appearing for sale on our shores. Fingers crossed though.


4 responses to “Irish Record Store Day

  1. Reading this piece re-opened the wounds left by Plugd Records’ closure at the end of 2009. Add to this the closure of Cork’s only independent cinema the Kino and we’re left with a city woefully deprived of culture, a far cry from the European Capital of Culture we enjoyed in 2005.
    Plugd was an integral part of the Cork music scene, providing local acts with an outlet for their EPs and promoting gigs, not to mention the friendly service you’d get from Albert and Jim. We’re left to rely on HMV and Golden Discs….Golden fucking Discs!

  2. Nice piece. Shame the ‘New Breed’ compo is not available on vinyl though?
    The downturn in vinyl was a nail in the coffin of the indie shop.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Cant believe Plugd closed either. Definitely had the personal touch that is sorely lacking in the likes of HMV and ‘Golden fucking Discs’ – hahaha!

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