Louder Than Sirens, Louder Than Bells – Florence And The Machine, Live @ Kool Haus, Toronto

Florence and the Machine
There seems to be no stopping Florence. 2009 was her year, and it looks like 2010 might aswell be also.

As predicted Saturday’s gig at Kool Haus, Toronto lived up to expectations. The show was originally supposed to be on in the Phoenix, which sold out and was upgraded to the larger venue two weeks before hand, with a jump up of about 1000 capacity, FATM sold out this venue with ease.

After seeing a disastrous gig in Toronto a week or two before, I was a bit worried about the Florence gig. Was the audience just going stand around and chat like what happened with The Big Pink? Turns out there was no reason to be apprehensive. It would be hard to top the audience vibe from the Florence’s Olympia gig, but this Toronto crowd damn tried their best.

Florence and the Machine

Florence arrived on stage wearing a Fedora hat, belting out first track of the night Howl. From there we were treated to the majority of tracks from Lungs, including Girl With One Eye, Blinding (video below), Between Two Lungs and one track from the delux album Hardest Of Hearts. I had my fingers crossed for some new material, but no such luck.

One of the highlights of the night was Drumming Song – with Florence going absolutely mental, I was in awe seeing someone with so much energy and still being able to belt out songs with a soaring voice that just blows you away. Dog Days was spot on too, with Florence claiming that Toronto cured them from their mid-tour slump, and the band (‘The Machine’), seemed in agreement. Glad to be of service.

There was no climbing of balconies at this gig, and recreating the vibe of the Olympia one wasn’t going to happen, but this was a close second – Florence and the Machine are showing the US audiences how it’s done on this tour.

Florence Welch is one of the best artists I have ever seen live, she may only be 23 with just one album behind her – but you’d be fooled into thinking she has been doing this for years.


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  1. Those pictures are awesome. Are they your own?

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