Competition Time: Who Would You Ring?

With the world of social media and what not you’d think you’d be a step closer to your music idol, but that doesn’t seem so. Are they really the ones updating the facebook page or twitter account? In some cases I think yes but are they ever going to answer your questions or in fact do you have any questions for them?

So we have a phone to give away (Samsung s3500 thanks to Vodafone). Now this phone does not have any famous peoples numbers, BUT if it did and you won it, what musician or singer would you ring and what would you ask them?

Leave your answer in the comments below to be in the draw to win the phone.

I think I’d ring Marina and ask her where she gets the inspiration for some of her outfits, like giant mickey mouse dungarees, what possesses one to wear those? Don’t get me wrong I do love Marina 🙂

Competition closes midnight Wed May 5th.

UPDATE: So the names were put into a cup and the winner was picked, congrats to kgiller – we’ll email you  🙂


13 responses to “Competition Time: Who Would You Ring?

  1. Gogol Bordello and ask where the party is!

  2. I’d ring Crystal Swing and ask them “Why?”

  3. I think I’d ring Bob Dylan and ask him “exactly how many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man”.

  4. Id be asking Florence “can you play a gig at my house?”

  5. I’d do some heavy breathing down the phone to Karen O

  6. But I reckon she’d be into it…

  7. I’d maybe phone Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip and ask them where they found out that the word Phoenix is spelt Pheonix not Phoenix? Or I could call Roger Daltrey and just keep askin Who are you, who-who, who-who?

  8. I’d ring Sky Ferreira and would tell her how jealuos I am

  9. joseph henry

    i would ring pete docherty and ask him is he missing kate moss?

  10. I’d call Jónsi Birgisson and simply say Thanks.

  11. Blondie, she’s been plaguing me forever!

  12. I’d ring Leonard Cohen’s secretary so that she would ask me “Who shall I say, is calling?”

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