About The Clink

We’re just a group of friends, hailing from the north and south of Ireland, who have recently found themselves living and working in Dublin. We’re going to be writing about anything that interests us – music, design, films & live music – anything and everything taking place in and around Dublin… and maybe some rugby too!

The Clink is mainly LuciaPeter and newbie Chris, but sometimes Bríd might get inspired and write something but don’t be expecting great things from her :P. We’re all relatively new to Dublin, so feel free to educate us on stuff.

Have some music that you think we’d like to hear? Drop us an email and we’ll check it out, if we like it we’ll feature it on the blog. We’re always on the look out for new and interesting bands / track remixes. Same goes for any events / gigs on around Dublin that are worth featuring 🙂

Get in touch with us at theclinkblog[at]gmail[dot]com.


10 responses to “About The Clink

  1. Hey Pete,

    Just found this blog by random googleness. Looks good. Fair play to ya. havnt talked to you in ages. Let me know when your down in Cork and we can meet up.

  2. Hi guys,
    Diggin’ the blog.
    I have some music news you might be into.
    Miike Snow is the current subject.

    Will you get in touch with an address?

    Nice one!

  3. Hi three weeks ago myself and all of my friends signed up for tickets for the coors light peak at dublin port. My friends have received emails with their tickets but I haven’t received mine yet. I’m worried now because it is so close to the date now, can you help me please.

  4. Hey Guys,

    Nice Site.

    I heard a little secret that Lucia loves to tweet, is it true?


  5. Hey, you guys ever listen to an artist named Ruarri Joseph. His first album is brilliant, and i think he’s got a new one out too. Peter, write somethign about him.

  6. Kieran Giller

    You obviously didnt look very hard … I have his first album, havnt heard
    the second one yet. But i really like the first, il give it to you next time
    i see you.


    One of his songs from the first album …

    First album

    New album

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