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Weekend Tunage: Warpaint

This weekend’s tunage comes from LA band Warpaint, the song is ‘Elephants‘. I’ve had this track on constant play the last week, check out this acoustic performance of their track ‘Billie Holiday’ also – watch it on youuuutube.

Happy weekend – woooop!


Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em

Sleigh Bells - TreatsIt’s been a busy week for new anticipated music, and Sleigh Bells are another band that I’m happy to hear a new track from.

I’ve been listening to about 4 Sleigh Bells’ demos for what seems like forever, and I’m still not sick of the tracks. This week tho their new single ‘Tell Em’ has been put on their site as a free download, and the album artwork for their forthcoming debut ‘Treats’ has been put out into the public. ‘Treats’ is set to be released on May 11th on Mom + Pop Music “in special partnership” with M.I.A.’s NEET Recordings – I for one will be buying.

Head on over to the band’s website to get a hold of ‘Tell ‘Em’, or have a listen below.

M.I.A – Born Free

MIA – Born Free

The track and video is everywhere already, but felt this deserved a post after seeing this on MIA’s twitter.

if ur gonna leak my song u might as well do it right here you go , a post card from waziristan

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Turn On The Bright Lights

This news makes me happy. Interpol are back, and it’s long overdue. Pauls Banks & co. bringing a bit of gloom back to take over from the summer vibes.

They’ve just unleashed a new track Lights, which is available for download on their website (it’s free). No word as of yet on new album details, but this will keep me entertained for now.

Weekend Tunage: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

This weekend’s tunage comes from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, yeah you heard right. Epic band name. I originally had something else planned, but Chris sent on this track during the week and it’s perfect to put you in a summery mood on a friday, horray!

The band are from sweden, and have a couple more summery indie pop tunes up their sleeves. I’m digging their track ‘1999’ also. Anyways take a listen of Funeral Face below – happy weekend y’all.

Shining Diamond – Marina on BBC Live Lounge

Marina and the Diamonds was on BBC 1’s live lounge today performing her forthcoming single I Am Not A Robot, plus a cover of 30h!3 – ‘Starstukk’. She took a pretty shitty / generic pop song and made it sound haunting and beautiful. A1.

Video: The Temper Trap – Love Lost

You’d nearly forget The Temper Trap actually made an album with the constant play that ‘Sweet Disposition‘ got, but happily it looks like their next single is my favourite from their album ‘Love Lost‘. I’m just after stumbling across the video for it, not what you’d except but totally charming.

Directed by Dougal Wilson