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Competition Time: Who Would You Ring?

With the world of social media and what not you’d think you’d be a step closer to your music idol, but that doesn’t seem so. Are they really the ones updating the facebook page or twitter account? In some cases I think yes but are they ever going to answer your questions or in fact do you have any questions for them?

So we have a phone to give away (Samsung s3500 thanks to Vodafone). Now this phone does not have any famous peoples numbers, BUT if it did and you won it, what musician or singer would you ring and what would you ask them?

Leave your answer in the comments below to be in the draw to win the phone.

I think I’d ring Marina and ask her where she gets the inspiration for some of her outfits, like giant mickey mouse dungarees, what possesses one to wear those? Don’t get me wrong I do love Marina 🙂

Competition closes midnight Wed May 5th.

UPDATE: So the names were put into a cup and the winner was picked, congrats to kgiller – we’ll email you  🙂


More And More Mumford

Yes I realise there has been an overload of Mumford & Sons on the blog over the last while, but I couldn’t resist posting this beautifully shot video. It’s part of a series of tracks the band performed in an old bookshop. Watching this actually gave me chills:

Happy Birthday… To Us!

Yes, today is our birthday. We are an amazing one year old.

Clink Birthday
Its been quite an amazing year for us too. Continue reading

Ticket Giveaway: Ash & Republic of Loose

Our latest competition gives readers the chance to win a pair of free tickets to see Ash and Republic of Loose play on 20th March.

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Gig Review – The other ‘Hockey’ that happened last Sunday evening.

I posted a Facebook note on Sunday night saying I was off to watch Hockey, my Canadian friend wrote back and said she hoped her country could win! Doh, wrong Hockey. I was of course off to watch the band in the Academy.

I first saw Hockey at Oxegen in 2009. It sounds harsh to say it but I only really went to see them cos they were in a tent and it was pissing down outside. But like a lot of things that occur in that fashion I’m glad it happened. I remembered them being energetic, having a pretty good sound and good presence, if, at the time looking a little too much like MGMT for my liking.

Anyway, fast forward to last Sunday’s show in the Academy and I’m glad to say they had the same energy and swagger, mostly emanating from effervescent frontman Ben Grubin. Continue reading

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, too much going on to spend all my money on you!

What’s Valentine’s going to be like for you in 2010? Staring, all doe eyed, across the table of a packed, over priced restaurant, (pretending you can read the French menu), wincing and fighting the sickness whilst trying to wade through a starter of a half a dozen slimy oysters? If it is then you need to read this. This is a different kind of guide to Valentine’s. Not just for bitter singletons like myself, but for those who don’t buy into the Hallmark schmaltz and false affection of St. Valentine. Granted, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of love, but love for what? It doesn’t always have to be that smelly partner of yours does it!? What about Music? Lets celebrate a love for music. I think it was Shakespeare that said; ‘If Music be the food of love then play Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip loud, get drunk, and then go to Zaytoon for a kebab’, or something like that!
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The Clink Goes Global (Well, sorta)

Like many irish people this year, I’ve jumped ship and headed off to Canada. As of Monday I’m now a resident of the city of Toronto! Loving the place so far, but it is damm cold, and from what i hear it’s only going to get worse. Maybe to time to invest in some snow boots? I never thought i would ever have to even know what snow boots were in my life, but looks like they are going to be a necessity.

While I’m here in Toronto, Peter and Brid are going to keep the site going in terms of irish gig news and the likes, so the blog won’t change too much. I’m going to use my time over here to find some new music and see what Toronto has to offer in terms of music, art and design. So far I think i’m off to a good start.
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