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M.I.A – Born Free

MIA – Born Free

The track and video is everywhere already, but felt this deserved a post after seeing this on MIA’s twitter.

if ur gonna leak my song u might as well do it right here you go , a post card from waziristan

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Video: The Temper Trap – Love Lost

You’d nearly forget The Temper Trap actually made an album with the constant play that ‘Sweet Disposition‘ got, but happily it looks like their next single is my favourite from their album ‘Love Lost‘. I’m just after stumbling across the video for it, not what you’d except but totally charming.

Directed by Dougal Wilson

Weekend Tunage: A Tune For A Neon Indian Summer!

This week’s Weekend Tunage comes from Neon Indian aka Alan Palomo, and is produced by Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear. I’ve listened to this loads in the last few weeks and thought it was time to share the electric love. It’s starts off sounding like a cat running back and forward across an electric piano but then suddenly bursts into life with one of the catchiest electronic backing sounds I’ve heard in ages. It’s quite a dreamy chilled track too, which makes it perfect for a Friday and a sunny Friday at that.

The Morning Benders – Promises

I’d have given my right or left arm for tickets to their live show in Toronto last night, but it was totally sold out. Oh well, until next time! This video kinda makes up for it tho, the first from their just released album Big Echo.

Midnight Juggernauts – Vital Signs

After a lengthy absence, Aussie band Midnight Juggernauts are back with this new track Vital Signs and its accompanying trippy video, which was directed by Krozm.

On first listen to the track I wasn’t too impressed, but it’s grown on me – check it out:

What’s Going On With MGMT?

MGMT may have hit a bit of a road bump. Their new album, Congratulations, is expected to be released on 13th April, 2010, and has been pretty much negatively received by critics. But who wants to listen to critics anyway?

The band themselves have said there isn’t a Time To Pretend or a Kids on it, aiming for the album to be listened to as a whole, not individual tracks. Earlier in the month, the first single from this new album was released as a free download. It’s called Flash Delirium and was available from the band’s website as a free download.

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Weekend Tunage: The Morning Benders

This week’s tunage comes courtesy of both Dutch Gold Tony and Lucia, who both had this song bookmarked for a Weekend Tunage slot. The track is by The Morning Benders (maybe a bit of a warning there for the weekend ahead 😉 ) and from their new album Big Echo. Its called Excuses, and with it we wish you a happy Friday!