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Weekend Tunage: Warpaint

This weekend’s tunage comes from LA band Warpaint, the song is ‘Elephants‘. I’ve had this track on constant play the last week, check out this acoustic performance of their track ‘Billie Holiday’ also – watch it on youuuutube.

Happy weekend – woooop!


Weekend Tunage: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

This weekend’s tunage comes from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, yeah you heard right. Epic band name. I originally had something else planned, but Chris sent on this track during the week and it’s perfect to put you in a summery mood on a friday, horray!

The band are from sweden, and have a couple more summery indie pop tunes up their sleeves. I’m digging their track ‘1999’ also. Anyways take a listen of Funeral Face below – happy weekend y’all.

Weekend Tunage: A Tune For A Neon Indian Summer!

This week’s Weekend Tunage comes from Neon Indian aka Alan Palomo, and is produced by Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear. I’ve listened to this loads in the last few weeks and thought it was time to share the electric love. It’s starts off sounding like a cat running back and forward across an electric piano but then suddenly bursts into life with one of the catchiest electronic backing sounds I’ve heard in ages. It’s quite a dreamy chilled track too, which makes it perfect for a Friday and a sunny Friday at that.

Weekend Tunage: The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers
This weeks Weekend Tunage comes from Canadian band The New Pornographers. I was a big fan of their last album Challengers, so I’m looking forward to their follow up Together which is to be released on 1st May – wooo.

Weekend Tunage: The National

We just love free music at The Clink, so this week we’re combining our weekly Weekend Tunage slot with a download freebie. The National are offering their latest track, Bloodbuzz Ohio, as a free download from their website highviolet.com. High Violet will be the new album from the American indie band, their fifth, and is due to be released on 10th May (11th May for North America – sorry Lucia, not everything is better in Canada 😉 ). The National were also announced to be playing at this year’s Electric Picnic festival – so another reason to include them as this week’s Weekend Tunage.

Happy Friday folks!

Weekend Tunage: LCD Soundsystem

This weekends tunage is a bit of a throwback…to 2007. One band that I’m happy to see on the Electric Picnic lineup is LCD Soundsystem so seems fitting to have them for week’s tunage. The song is All My Friends and it’s one of my favourite LCD Soundsystem tracks – I’ve seen them live before and if you’re getting a ticket to EP be sure to check them out.

Happy weekend!

Weekend Tunage: The Morning Benders

This week’s tunage comes courtesy of both Dutch Gold Tony and Lucia, who both had this song bookmarked for a Weekend Tunage slot. The track is by The Morning Benders (maybe a bit of a warning there for the weekend ahead 😉 ) and from their new album Big Echo. Its called Excuses, and with it we wish you a happy Friday!